We fight for intersectional menstrual equity and to end period stigma.

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About Us

We are a Seattle-based grassroots organization fighting for intersectional menstrual equity and destigmatization through service projects, talks, content, and policy action.

What We Do

Product Drives & Distribution

We work with organizations like Seattle T2P2 and HOPE Center to receive and distribute menstrual products to non-profits and shelters.

Policy & Community Action

We seek substantial change through legislation on the local, state, and national levels. We work with Washington for Menstrual Equity and elected officials to enact new laws.

Honest Talks & Panels

We host conversations on different topics of menstruation to normalize and challenge the current conversation within our community.

Informed Social Media

We use social media to inform and educate people about menstruation. We aim to provide content that is truthful and destigmatizing. 

What We're Up To Right Now