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A New Wave: Your New Red SEA Leadership!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

With a busy schedule of educational events, budding projects to benefit the community, and active advocacy through the Washington State legislature, we have so much in store for the New Year! We are exceptionally pleased to introduce our leadership, both new and returning, who will be guiding the organization through our latest upcoming projects.

Aggie Campana Tutia, Founder and Director

Aggie founded The Red SEA as a way to contribute to her community and the menstrual justice movement. Outraged by her grad school research into menopause and design at the University of Washington, she knew she had the drive and skillset to fight for menstrual rights and set up the foundation for others to do so as well. Working across the board from policy to service to community engagement, Aggie dedicates herself to educating and enabling Seattle menstruators and allies to take action themselves when it comes to ending period poverty and stigma.

Kelsey Piva, Meetings Lead

Kelsey has 8 years of work, academic, and volunteer experience in domestic and international development. She taught in inner city New York, led gender equality efforts in Tajikistan, briefed Russian policy-makers on tech trends in higher education, and currently works to promote global health initiatives across Africa and Southeast Asia. As Meeting Lead, Kelsey challenges our community to gather puroposefully while honoring the Red Sea’s mission to fight for intersectional menstrual equity.

Brahm Coler, Financial

Brahm Coler joined The Red SEA as its Financial and Fundraising lead to help develop the organization’s financial standing as it advances a mission of reducing menstrual inequity in the Seattle community. Brahm is a second-year medical student and hopes that his involvement with The Red SEA will help address intersecting social causes that relate to menstrual equity, be they gender neutrality, educational opportunities, workplace settings, reproductive healthcare, and poverty/homelessness.

Colleen Medlock, Social Lead

Colleen Medlock is working to build an inclusive, dynamic, and collaborative social community that furthers The Red SEA’s mission of intersectional menstrual equity and ending period stigma. Professionally Colleen consults with healing, health, and wellness brands and practitioners on branding and digital marketing. She lives in (mostly) sunny Los Angeles with her husband Andrew and their rescue dog Whistle.

Olga Laskin, Local Policy Lead

Olga is an experienced campaign staffer and reproductive justice advocate with a passion for fighting period poverty, particularly at its intersection with the unhoused community. Over the past couple years she has managed successful city-wide, county-wide, and state-level campaigns. Most recently, she managed the successful Harborview Health for All campaign securing $1.74B in funding for King County public health institutions. Olga is excited to collaborate with The Red SEA community in her role as the Local Policy Lead to help further grassroots policy efforts across the Puget Sound and beyond!

Conrad Cipoletti, State Policy Lead

Conrad is a serial volunteer and local political junkie. He is proud to be a male ally in the fight for menstrual equity! Outside his day job as a software salesperson, Conrad enjoys the visual and performing arts, travel excursions, exploring bookstores, microdoses of live music, and fretting about the West Seattle Bridge.

Josie Nichols, Federal Policy Lead

Josie Nichols is working as the Federal Policy Lead for The Red SEA, and runs an activism account on Instagram, which led her to this organization. She is currently a student at the University of Washington, studying sociology in hopes of becoming a Sexual Assault Advocate in hospitals.

Eva Schwartz, Service Lead

Eva has been with The Red SEA since the very beginning, working to eradicate period poverty through concrete action in the Service Circle. Eva believes that menstrual equity can help eliminate the cyclical aspects of poverty, empowering menstruators world-wide. When she’s not working on The Red SEA work, Eva is a current senior at Seattle Prep high school. She enjoys her part-time front desk job at a local gym, running with friends after school, and reading for fun. She is very excited to major in International Relations in college, hopefully going into the International Security/Global Development track!

Dana Ringler, Blog Lead

Having recently graduated from The George Washington University where she studied International Development, the year 2020 inspired Dana to work locally to improve quality of life where concrete action is possible — menstrual equity is one of those spaces. Outside of The Red SEA, Dana is a legal assistant at a public defender's office, enjoys reading science fiction, and aspires to be a friendly cat lady.

Throughout this new year, we look forward to serving the organization and all of you: dear readers, menstruators, allies. Thank you all for your support and engagement — none of our work would be possible without you!


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