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March Periodical: Senate Reviews and Sports Research

March was a quick month for menstrual equity, but we’ve still rounded up a couple victories around the world in the fight against period poverty to share with you. Read along to find out how the period equity movement has made strides this March:

1. After passing the Washington State House of Representatives in February, the menstrual equity legislation we have been pushing for has been in review on the Senate floor during the month of March. HB 1273 would guarantee that Washington schools will provide menstrual products in their facilities, which is crucial to expanding accessibility for period products for all. The bill passed through the Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education, and the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, and is currently waiting to be read for the Senate Rules Committee. We are over the moon about this bill’s progress. You can learn more about local policy and how to take action by following our Instagram and Facebook.

2. Frontiers in Physiology published the Injury Incidence in Menstruators Study on March first. According to Runners World, research suggests that athletes are more susceptible to muscle and tendon damage around the ovulation period of their cycle (mid-cycle). This study is not the first of its kind, but expands the scope of types of injuries recorded and improves scientific methods for accuracy of findings. The study goes further to assess how joint and ligament injuries may be a result of the body overextending itself while still trying to maintain natural physical processes such as menstruation. Late periods are a key identifier for Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), which is a physically and psychologically damaging condition common in female athletes who do not maintain a healthy caloric intake to support their training and competition. Frontiers in Physiology’s research identifies sports a key area where further knowledge can protect menstruators from harm while they participate in their daily lives.

Tune in this time next month for another monthly installment of period news!