• Aggie Campana Tutia

Periods + Local Elections: We Interview Rep. Emily Wicks, Sherae Lascelles, and Helen Price Johnson

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Six faces of interviewers and candidates.
Aggie Campana Tutia interviews Rep. Emily Wicks, Betel Tadesse interviews Sherae Lascelles, and Ella Tunduwani interviews Helen Price Johnson

With the elections only a few days away, my gyno today said it right (and then proceeded to insert a speculum up my vagina), "Everyone is just holding their breath."

Yes, these are unprecedented times, but after hearing from these candidates, breathe, baby! Because we have some amazing candidates ready to fight for your rights and menstrual equity! We interviewed three of our endorsements for the Washington State Legislature, and we're so excited to work with them in the future.

Representative Emily Wicks Running for 38th District, State Rep. Po. 1

Sherae Lascelles Running for 43rd District, State Rep. Po. 2

Helen Price Johnson Running for 10th District, State Senator


Aggie Campana Tutia

I'm the Founder and Co-Executive Director of The Red SEA, and an often-goer of Lucky's Pho in Fremont. I care deeply about menstruation rights for all people from all spaces.


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